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P*nut Unveils His Infectious EP ‘Wake Up’

P*nut Wake Up

Renowned producer John Harrison aka P*nut has unveiled a new 7-track EP called Wake Up in collaboration with Franz Job and Qua.

P*nut – Wake Up

With a lengthy career already under his belt, John is a multi-platinum and Grammy award winner who, in the past, has collaborated with legends such as Dido, Faithless, and Amy Winehouse, to name a few.

But not everything has been a collaboration for his second album Sweet As he was signed by Sony BMG and received plenty of praise from the UK’s Hip-hop scene, as well as support from Tim Westwood on Radio 1. All this background can be appreciated in his latest offering, Wake Up

As if it was some kind of sonic self-awareness, opener Wake Up is an enlightening gem that gives us a small taste of what this producer is all about. His layered production, which oscillates between Caribbean and Hip-hop beats, functions as the perfect introductory canvas for Franz and Quas’s rhymes and vocal work.

In Make Room For Me, Qua shows her stunning vocal capabilities, having more time to display her privileged voice while the arrangements exude chillness and good vibes.

Pure, unfiltered love is the best way to describe Never Stop, with its catchy chorus and foot-tapping beats, this melody is as comforting as it is addictive.

Outro is pretty much an extension of the previous track, reproducing the earlier mentioned chorus in a loop with children’s voices, giving this melody a short yet refreshing new face.

But the surprises don’t end there because the final three tracks are remixed versions of the first songs of this work by the hand of KASPERG and Murder He Wrote, making some tweaks here and there, like the cool Drum N Bass in Make Room For Me or the complete reworking of Never Stop.

It is hard to categorize Wake Up under any specific umbrella due to its many elements which make this EP a thing of its own. Like a delicious dish with many ingredients, P*nut has crafted a delightful aural experience that will turn many frowns upside down.

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Words Javier Rodriguez