Phoebe Silva takes a bold stand against toxicity with ‘You’re Not My Friend’

LA indie artist, Phoebe Silva teams up with The Warm Blooded to deliver a sleek and punchy rock number.

Phoebe Silva ‘You’re Not My Friend’

Having made a mark across a variety of genres from folk to jazz, Phoebe Silva is cranking it up with her latest alternative rock release ‘You’re Not My Friend’. Taking a gritty and cathartic turn with a vengeful track exploring toxic “situationships”, gaslighting and manipulation, Silva takes a bold stand with her empowerment anthem.

The gritty tune is sultry, enticing and bold especially when combined with Silva’s buttery vocals and brave lyrics. The pairing of the artists also worked fantastically. Both Silva and The Warm Blooded blend their work seamlessly with the artists performing beautifully together.

“You’re Not My Friend hits back at toxicity with a fiery punch through its feisty melodies and powerful message.”

Of the important message behind the track, Silva says “I wanted to explore the depths of my own rage and despair resulting from past abuses, and in doing so challenge the social taboo of female rage.”

The track itself sounds charming and catchy, which works effectively when contrasted with the vengeful catharsis of the lyrics. You can absolutely hear the 90s throwback sound with the Alanis Morisette influences particularly shining through with the amping up of the heaviness during the chorus. ‘You’re Not My Friend’ feels both fresh and nostalgic, with the overall vibe definitely marking its appeal for 90s rock fans.

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Words Holly Hammond