Black Monsoon Are Feeling ‘Broken’

Clutching tightly to their DIY ethos and rebellious spirit, the Dutch trio Black Monsoon makes a triumphant return with their shoegaze-infused anthem, Broken.

Black Monsoon – Broken

Comprised of Jacky (guitar, vocals), Teun (guitar, vocals), and Marjolijn (drums, vocals), Black Monsoon embodies more than just a grunge band. Their music carries a distinct philosophy, challenging conservative norms of male dominance and the stifling cultural confines imposed by society. These principles seamlessly blend into their grunge/shoegaze fusion, defining their singular sonic identity.

Following trial runs of fresh material at shows across Germany, The Netherlands, and London, the band opted to lay down this series of tracks at Sahara Sound Studio in The Hague, Netherlands. Through this experimental journey, they unearthed a newfound sound, evoking strong reminiscences of ’90s alternative bands. This revelation has piqued the interest of underground media outlets across Europe.

Following the debut release of their album Pantomime in 2020, Black Monsoon didn’t rest on their laurels. Instead, they dove back into the studio, crafting a slew of new tracks to solidify their standing in the expansive UK independent music scene. Leading this charge is Broken, a poignant reflection on the mounting social and political divisions, as well as the ache of recent heartbreaks.

As hinted earlier, the ’90s alt-rock influence is palpable from the get-go. Distorted guitars unleash grunge-infused riffs that beckon for synchronized headbanging, weaving seamlessly with piercing drums and haunting vocal melodies. It’s a delightful throwback with a contemporary edge.

“Broken delivers three solid minutes of raw, unfiltered alternative rock energy.”

Among Black Monsoon’s many commendable qualities, their unwavering convictions and direct approach stand out as some of their most striking assets, significantly influencing their music. If you’re longing for a band that transports you back to that golden 90s era, look no further – Black Monsoon has you covered.

Plus, mark your calendars for their upcoming live shows:

  • 18-05-2024: TankFest, Tankstation, Enschede.
  • 27-06-2024: Simplon UP, Groningen.
  • 30-08-2024: Willemeen, Arnhem.

Don’t miss the chance to experience Black Monsoon’s electrifying performances firsthand!

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Words Javier Rodriguez