‘Tears Run Red’ sees UK artist Penelope Darling capture the pain of her first heartbreak.

Rising British singer-songwriter, Penelope Darling has recently revealed her latest, heartfelt, bluesy RnB single, ‘Tears Run Red’.

Penelope Darling – Tears Run Red 

Vulnerable and from the heart, ‘Tears Run Red’ sees Penelope Darling deliver a riveting vocal performance that accurately captures the seemingly unending pain and self-doubt associated with one’s very first heartbreak or loss. Exhibiting a candid and contemplative air, Penelope Darling writes with a maturity far beyond her years as she softly croons about needing to finally let go and move on, reflecting on what could have been, if it was meant to be.

To be truly vulnerable and honest in your art is the greatest challenge that any creative can face, but for  Penelope Darling, her authenticity lies in the truth and her strength stems from her vulnerability.

As she candidly explains: “Every song I’ve ever written has truth, a personal story or about someone I care about. But this song is different. It’s my hardest time, sung in poetry. I’m so proud of what we have created with Tears Run Red.”

Written as a form of self-therapy, ‘Tears Run Red’ is Penelope’s way of offering a guiding light and a form of relief for others who may be going through the same thing. She hopes that in sharing her truth with others, others will be encouraged to speak their own truth and find their own strength from doing so.

“Having the ability to create something beautiful, out of a dark situation is like magic. This song is honest and vulnerable like nothing else I’ve ever written. The beauty of songwriting is that you discover all these emotions that you didn’t know you had. You learn so much about yourself, as well as allowing yourself to heal.”

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Words Daisy Lipsey