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Marianna Zappi’s Epic Plea To ‘Hold On’

Marianna Zappi - Hold On

Marianna Zappi returns with a retro rock anthem.

Marianna Zappi – Hold On

What would you tell your younger self, if you could? This was the inspiration for Marianna Zappi’s track ‘Hold On’. For me, I’d probably warn my younger self off a few fashion and dating decisions, and maybe point them towards some wise investments. But in the case of this song, Zappi sends a message of hope and fortitude, telling her younger self to just hold on. 

Marianna Zappi is a singer-songwriter originating from Italy, who’s already got multiple releases under her belt, giving her international notice and radio play. Eagle-eyed fans may also recognise her from the X Factor.

‘Hold On’ is an epic rock anthem to freedom and determination, with nostalgic and international influences.

The lyrics at times seem to evoke some apocalyptic experience – ‘Is it the beginning or the end…I’m leaving all my demons at the gate…’ – but it is soon clear that it’s all a metaphor for spiritual rebirth, as Zappi meets herself ‘for the first time’. The titular hook is full-throated and catchy, as Zappi belts ‘If I could, I would tell you to hold on’ with raw passion. Her vocals are notably impressive, powerful yet controlled, and her melodies show a nice distinctive style. 

The production has an atmosphere, with ethereal bell-like synths and insistent guitar lines, filled out by ambient pads and echoing half-time beats. There’s 80s influence in the almost glam-rock guitars, and the song even comes with an epic key change at the end. It’s a little long at nearly 4 and a half minutes, but the journey is grand enough that you don’t feel too bothered. 

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Words Eden Tredwell