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Daniee Kyland Brings The Attitude On ‘In My Bag’

Daniee Kyland In My Bag (Fuk'n Lady) on Right Chord Music

Discover Daniee Kyland’s cheeky disco-RnB track.

Daniee Kyland – ‘In My Bag (fuk’n lady)’

As the world seems to get increasingly darker each year, we turn to our media for lightness and escapism. So no, I will not be watching Succession, even though I’m sure it’s very good – give me joy, give me Drag Race, give me Barbie. The same goes for music, and infectious, attitude-filled tracks like Daniee Kyland’s ‘In My Bag (fuk’n lady)’ are just what the doctor ordered. 

Daniee Kyland is an RnB-pop artist hailing from Sacramento, California. With new music ready to drop, this single gives us a delicious taste of what’s to come.

‘In My Bag (fuk’n lady)’ is a contagious pop-RnB-disco track dedicated to self-confidence and independence, and it’s just a ton of fun. ‘

I like the chase’, sings Kyland with her catchphrase-filled lyrics, reminding us ‘don’t get mad, get paid’. Her melodies are natural and hooky, weaving between singing and rapping. The vocals are filled with character, delivering lines like ‘I’m such a f***cking lady’ with all the personality required. The titular hook is catchy, showing off the kind of confidence some of us can only dream of, as Kyland addresses unseen haters, reminding them ‘I’m in my bag, I know you mad’. 

The production is highly enjoyable, centring around a bassline that heavily references The Sugarhill Gang ‘Rapper’s Delight’. With sharp beats (including some excellent cowbell), shimmering strings, tight guitar lines and clean backing vocals, this sits firmly in the new RnB-disco sound that’s been so popular in recent years. Fans of artists like Lizzo, Doja Cat and Dua Lipa will find themselves right at home here. 

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Words Eden Tredwell