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Get Cosy With Opelsings’ ‘Winter Love’

Opelsings Winter Love on the Right Chord Music Blog

Discover Opelsings’ R&B jam for cuffing season.

Opelsings – ‘Winter Love’

I’m more of a summer girl myself, but I can appreciate the romantic charms of winter – cosy clothes, fireplaces, snuggling up together. It’s where the term ‘cuffing season’ was born, referring to the chilly season where you find someone cute to keep warm with, and then probably dump them when the sun comes out. Opelsings brings her take on this modern phenomenon with ‘Winter Love’. 

Opelsings is a singer-songwriter based in London, whose eclectic career has taken her through garage, girl groups and more. This track marks the first single from an upcoming EP.

‘Winter Love’ is an infectious modern R&B love song, dedicated to that cold weather loving.

Opelsings’ lyrics address her lover, persuading them to get on board and justifying her desires, ranging from the sexy – “skin contact I’m ablaze” – to the cheeky – “ain’t nothing better than the heat exchange”. The chorus flirtily asks her lover to “be my quilt”, and you just can’t resist the shameless spirit. It helps that her vocals are creamy and highly listenable, and the melodies are natural and flowing. 

The production begins with silky-smooth keys and pulsing synths, with some sultry lead guitar lines. The R&B beats lean towards the retro, but some swooping effects and electro touches save it all from getting too bow-chicka-wow. It’s a contagious groove that classic R&B fans will love, complete with tight vocal harmonies. Fans of the Braxton family and a good R&B love jam will find something to enjoy here. 

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Words Eden Tredwell