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NxFxce Deals With A Painful Separation On Single ‘bff’


Rising alternative artist NxFxce is a mysterious figure in the independent scene. His sound is an enticing blending of styles that encompasses R&B, Pop, and Rap, all with an experimental twist guaranteeing to blow minds with honest lyricism and out-of-the-box production.

NxFxce – bff

2022 was not only the debut for NxFxce but also the year on which this singer went on a meteoric streak with his first three releases, sad lil boi, Pipe Down, and Breezy, each achieving thousands of streams and confirming the charming appeal that this incognito performer has.

His fourth and final offering from last year, bff is a touching melody that deals with the sorrowful feeling that comes after parting ways from a long-term relationship.

Elaborating more on the meaning of this tune, NxFxce explains:

The inspiration came from me and someone going our separate ways and I felt as if my best friend had just left. Writing the song took some time only because I had to go through that experience in order to express it and I literally just got up one night after having the beat for a couple months and I just started recording and the hook was created and then lyrics for the verse came later.”

Reverberating back vocal effects and infectious beats introduce us to this piece, followed by NxFxce auto-tuned vocals and the poignant, dreamy arrangements dictating the atmosphere for this track, capturing your attention due to this artist’s highly emotional songwriting.

Bff is a captivating song, excelling at delivering its emotive theme through a colourful and memorable production.

There is something that feels very special about NxFxce, whether it is his eye-catching presentation or his emotive sound, the truth is that this is a name that you should keep in the back of your head because more likely you will hear it again in 2023.

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Words Javier Rodriguez