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Tay Toe Releases The Personal ‘Habits And Setbacks’ Album

Tay Toe

Utah rapper Tay Toe has revealed his debut album Habits and Setbacks, a collection of 11 tracks that works as an open window to his mind, exhibiting his versatile flow and praiseworthy skillset. The album further establishes him as a promising name in the rap game.

Tay Toe – Habits and Setbacks

Originally from Los Angeles but currently residing in Salt Lake City, Tay Toe’s humble origins go back to when he was fifteen years old, a time when he wrote songs therapeutically, this would continue until he turned 21 and decided to take it more seriously by posting his material online and playing a couple of gigs every month.

After a couple of releases and a lot of hard work, Tay Toe released his first full-length work called Habits and Setbacks, an album that meant a huge step forward for his career.

Tracks like Meet Again, Life of Blues, and Invincible display a vulnerable side, showcasing introspective lyrics that exhibit the ups and downs in the life of this young MC, going deep into highly personal moments depicted through dynamic verses and impactful rhymes.

Need To Know lets us see another facet of Tay Toe, replacing the smooth rhymes with clean vocals in a more ballad-oriented style with a piano accompaniment highlighting the fragility of its theme.

The production of this LP is rich and colourful with a wide variety of samples and instrumentals, like in the song What You Deserve and its acoustic guitar intertwining with pulsating beats, or in That’s Fine and its auto-tuned chorus, while others like the closure Love Goes burst with emotion due to its heart-aching topic.

But not everything is poignancy and heartbreak in this album. In Think of You, Tay shows he ain’t no pushover, demonstrating he can also produce a cutting and savage diss track when he needs to.

Also, in the jams You The Man and Christian, he spits some wild and upfront bars, never shying away from who he truly is.

“Habits and Setbacks is a well-rounded, honest compilation of Hip-hop tracks. It’s as real as it gets and direct from the heart.”

Tay Toe’s debut record feels authentic, never coming up as pretentious or fake. Its emotive lyrical work makes it feel full of significance on a personal level, a factor to which many people will relate.

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Words Javier Rodriguez