First Signs of Love No 217 Nokomis ‘In Waves’

Our First Signs of Love feature is about the moment you find a new artist to love, and you simply can’t get enough. Next in our spotlight is Nokomis and her track ‘In Waves’.

Nokomis – In Waves

Nokomis is the musical moniker of Anna Nokomis from London  Her debut album ‘In Waves’ was released during lockdown but you may well have missed it. This gem needs your attention. The full album is available now on Bandcamp but to whet your appetite, here is the title track.

The album is raw, honest and emotional and acts as a confessional take on her own life. The title track is a major highlight off the album.

“In Waves is a delicate, mesmerizing track full of emotion and pure honesty performed by the wildly talented and powerful Anna Nokomis. This track deserves your immediate attention and devotion.”

The real star of Nokomis’s music is her outstanding, sweet and exceptional voice. When she sings it’s hard to think of anything else but her amazing vocal instrument. There’s a sincere pain in her voice that resonates well with the contents of her lyrics, while remaining joyful and pleasant to the ears.

Nokomis is a real storyteller, with lyrics addressing childhood memories and deeply honest personal history. She tells the story of a young woman making her way in the world in her current place of residence London town and all the fear, loathing, laughter and love that comes along with it.

‘In Waves’ is a musical collaboration between Anna Nokomis, singer-songwriter Mike Marlin and producer Danny Monk. The album was written, played and recorded together in London. I’d recommend dimming the lights, grabbing a glass of red, lighting some candles and experiencing this album in full to be swept away by the melodies, lyrics and emotional journey it offers its listeners.

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Words Bianca Fernandes