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Jillian Lee Antinora Shows Her Love On ‘You’re Worth It’

Jillian Lee Antinora You're Worth It

Jillian Lee Antinora’s new single and music video, ‘You’re Worth It’ is the perfect soundtrack for this Mother’s Day.

Jillian Lee Antinora – You’re Worth It

This heartfelt song comes from the perspective of a mom to her children telling them that they are worth all the hard work that it takes to be a mom. Jillian writes of the joys that come from motherhood and the happiness she has experienced as well as the trials she faced. It is very easy to see her love for her own family pouring through this song. Her music video is beautifully created, including videos and photos of her and her own children.

“You’re Worth It” is a mid-tempo acoustic folk song. It opens with a beautiful mandolin solo, that continues throughout the song and Jillian plays a lovely acoustic guitar throughout. The delicate emotion behind her voice and instruments adds to the sweetness of this Mother’s Day song.

Jillian explains her inspiration, “this is a song I wrote for my kids for Mother’s Day… They always give me gifts and make me feel special for Mother’s Day, and they recognize all the work it takes to be a mom”.

Jillian Lee Antinora has an impressive background in both music and dance. Having studied both extensively and having a career in musical theatre, Jillian moved around quite a bit. She was able to study and work in New York, Sicily, and Colorado. She now has her own real estate agency, is a mother of 6, and is continuing to pursue her passion in music.

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