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Nilka Shines Bright With New Single Luna

Nilka Luna

Reggaeton meets dreamy EDM in the moonlight on Luna by Nilka.

Nilka – Luna

There must be a million songs about the moon. It lights the sky, it pulls the tide and it has fascinated man ever since we looked up and thought, ‘Huh, that’s not the sun.’ And we love to personify it, give it dreams and personalities that reflect our own – and that’s what Nilka does in her latest single ‘Luna’ (which means ‘moon’, for any non-Spanish speakers) as she longs for the patience of the moon. 

Nilka is a singer, songwriter and producer hailing from Florida, now based in Nashville. But it’s her Puerto Rican roots that have influenced this song, in particular the bilingual lyrics.

‘Luna’ is a dreamy, pulsating ambient tune about longing for a lover, and the patience to withstand it.

‘Just as the luna is waiting for its morning…’ open the lyrics, which are simple but insistent, repeating ‘I’m not patient enough’ before conceding ‘I’m not patient but I’ll keep waiting for you’. Nilka’s compelling voice layers over itself with a lovely use of background harmonies, at one point wailing in the background, at another, flickering distortedly, panning between speakers. ‘I will keep going until I am soaring’, she cries, with hypnotic melodies.

The production combines dramatic, droning strings with reggaeton-influenced beats and icy synths, creating a pulsating, ambient concoction. There are also some nice developments in the arrangement through the song, adding crackles of percussion and finger snaps. ‘Luna’ marks the fifth single release for Nilka ahead of her upcoming album ‘Sacred’, which should be worth a listen if this is any judge. 

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Words Eden Tredwell