Newcomer Noelle reveals tender new single ‘Therapy’.

Raised on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, upcoming Canadian artist noelle releases her latest, stunning single, ‘Therapy’, an R&B influenced pop track filled with noelle’s delicate, emotion-filled vocals and heartfelt songwriting. ‘Therapy’ is the first single to be released from her upcoming album. 

noelle – Therapy

Newly singled to Wax Records / Universal Music Canada, ‘Therapy’ is noelle’s first proper dive into releasing her own, original music after spending the past two years developing her sound and style into a unique blend of moody pop, R&B and jazz.

Taking on a new direction, noelle ditches the pop ballad covers for a self-written serenade all about being there for someone through their darkest times, seeing noelle venture into an intimate world of self-reflection and deeply empathic songwriting. 

Based on real-life experiences, ‘Therapy’ is a track that noelle holds very dear to her heart as it captures the raw emotions and dark thoughts she went through when trying to help her friend,  she hopes the track will encourage others to seek help from their loved ones when they need it and to prioritise their mental health.

Drenched in simplistic, RnB production and delivered with luscious, whisper-like vocals, ‘Therapy’ perfectly shows off noelle’s incredible vocals and songwriting ability where she’s able to create dreamy soundscapes and enchanting lyrical narratives that capture the heart and please the ear.

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Words Daisy Lipsey