Come with Gemma Rogers on her ‘Good Day Bad Trip’

This track has everything. Gemma Rogers ‘Good Day Bad Trip’ may contain traces of techno, punk, pop, and psychedelia, which all mesh together to make a unique sound. With that title, I’d be tempted to ask if this was written while actually on some kind of trip, but I suppose artists must keep some secrets.

Gemma Rogers – Good Day Bad Trip

Good Day Bad Trip is the lead single from Rogers’ debut album, due March 2022 and recorded haphazardly through lockdown.

‘Good Day Bad Trip’ is a quirky pop-punk jam dedicated to late nights and substance-based experiences, chock full of personality.

‘Good day bad trip, new pain plot twist’ sings Rogers in her casual vocal style, gently offsetting some of the darker lyrics – “You’re floating in space, now no one hears you scream”. The track always seems a little offbeat and unexpected, jumping around styles and grooves, before hitting the lush chorus, ‘Somewhere over the rainbow, so scared there’s no way back home. ‘ The music video has also been well received, winning several awards.

The production is to be applauded for its character. Opening with a technoesque riff and an attitude-filled bass gives it a strong start, and yet there’s always something new for the ear to detect throughout the song – a sample of a landline phone, a melodious guitar, some funky piano notes, some sweet harmonies. With the singer-songwriter quirkiness of Mika and the attitude of late 90s bands like Garbage, Rogers may have hit on a winning formula.

Catch Gemma Rogers live at the Amersham Arms on August 19th.

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Words Eden Tredwell