New track ‘The Darkness’ from Josin explores the inner struggle of the human condition

Josin’s latest single ‘The Darkness’ explores an inner struggle of the human condition, a numbness that can be interpreted both internally and on mass. Arrabella Rauch, the artist behind Josin, has become known for her ability to leave her audience feeling in limbo between emotions and with an EP on the horizon, ‘The Darkness’ is a beautiful first glimpse.

Josin – The Darkness

We hear Josin’s voice soar in her first release of 2021, the lyrics of ‘The Darkness’ dance above ambient atmospheres which intentionally hang the listener in limbo between the uncomfortable and the comfortable. Although an unconventional musical stance, Josin’s sound has seen her collaborations with artists such as Kiasmos and RY X and her debut album “In the Blank Space” was an embodiment of her distinctive concepts.

Perhaps this perfect balance of emotions comes from Josin’s own personality traits. Although naturally happy and funny, Josin says “I don’t feel inspired when things are good”. The multi-talented musician has a great depth of skills from graphic design to accountancy. Growing up in a classical household Josin’s passion for the arts came from her love of the opera until in her teenage years a rebellion against her piano teacher led her to find her own creative path.

The first taste of her upcoming 2021 EP, ‘The Darkness’ continues to drip in Josin’s unique juxtapositions of emotions. A disorientation of feelings embraces a numbness of emotions yet manages to convey hope saying into the void “Yes I’ve been drowned in darkness too, but here’s my inside”.

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Words Daisy Lipsey