‘The Last Of Us’ is the highly anticipated debut EP from Krsnafari

It’s rare to find true individuality in the industry today, but the trio from London has it in droves. Forming in unison through a shared spiritual vision, Krsnafari wanted to create music together that left a lasting and meaningful impact. Their new EP The Last of Us delivers.

Krsnafari – The Last of Us

Using various genre tones ranging from Hip Hop melodic flows and production classic 808’s whilst combining smooth vocals and live instruments. Economic inequality and mental health are just some of the subject matters covered in the EP.

The conviction in their voices say it all, they mean what they say and this EP is the perfect way to express their inner voices. Inspiringly all three artists are also spiritual healers possessing great knowledge in their field.

The Last of Us is also accompanied by a breathtaking video. Scenic shots capture some vivid scenery and shots of the group as they mime and practice martial arts to the song across what appears to be rolling desert hills, campfires and beach fronts.

The rest of the EP has some great highlights. ‘PTSD’, is a hard-hitting, electric guitar backed song with some solid bars. ‘Badlands’ is a more uptempo Hip Hop ballad with some seriously good vocals.  ‘Dystopia’ also had a blissful outro section with slowed down production and smooth vocals.

The group has really delivered a great opening project, which leaves us excited to see where this will go.

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Words Daisy Lipsey