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RUNA Shares Her Insecurities On ‘Can’t Talk’

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Leeds’ RUNA has had an incredible musical journey, using her music to break free from self-imposed limitations and connect deeply with her audience. Her latest single, ‘Can’t Talk’, is an emotive release that delves into the struggle of concealing your insecurities and having to grapple with the aftermath. 

RUNA – Can’t Talk

The track begins with electrifying guitar tones and powerful drumbeats, exuding a sense of empowerment and strength, whilst its lyrics explore the transformative process that occurs during internal conflict and self-doubt before ultimately urging listeners to embrace their individuality with confidence, despite external judgement. The vulnerability portrayed throughout ‘Can’t Talk’ is juxtaposed with its compelling strength, creating a captivating listening experience that holds onto listeners’ hands from start to finish. 

Candidly reflecting on her struggles as both an artist and a queer immigrant who defies societal beauty norms. ‘Can’t Talk’ allows RUNA to bravely confront the shame she experiences, aiming to shed light on the harmful effects of suppressing her true self and unique personality. The track fearlessly challenges the notion of conforming to societal expectations, portraying it as self-destructive. 

RUNA’s previous release, ‘Are You Lost?’, has garnered acclaim from media outlets and streaming platforms a-like. As a truly exceptional artist, she masterfully intertwines her personal experiences of relocation, love, and challenges of adulthood into her music, delivering raw and honest lyrics with a distinct sensuality.

With influences reminiscent of Florence Welch and Stevie Nicks, and a sound that echoes the early days of Lana Del Rey, RUNA skillfully pays homage to her inspirations while infusing her distinctive style, showcasing her talent and musical authenticity.

Upon listening to ‘Can’t Talk’ you find yourself unsurprised that RUNA and her band have managed to win the hearts of the vibrant Leeds music scene. Their ability to connect with listeners on a personal level has undoubtedly contributed to their growing popularity and success. 

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Words Katie MacBeth