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Nilka Shows Her Devotion On New Single ‘Poured Out’

Nilka - Poured Out

American songstress, Nilka offers her suffering loved one her welcoming arms in her new single Poured Out.

Nilka – Poured Out

‘Poured Out’, is the latest single by American singer-songwriter Nilka, this Florida girl conveys all the passion and devotion of someone who sees her lover wither in depression but remains there, offering her warm arms. Her soothing, whispering voice adds a fairy-like tone that ups the dream-pop atmosphere a notch. All is simple and stripped down, but the effect is never less than heart-wrenching and serenely inviting at the same time.

Like a blue flame, the melody pops up, first as a mere few chords from an electric guitar backed up by a slight reverb. Its backing does eventually grow a tiny bit bulkier with the addition of the beat and a stronger reverb, but it never quite reaches the boiling point. Rather it lingers on gently but unwaveringly simmering, as devoted love should go. This is a song about devotion, about never letting your soulmate go, weathering the toughest of times together because you know there is no other choice. You’re bound to each other by this ever-scorching flame.

“Heart-wrenching and serenely inviting”

The song was written while the singer’s overworked husband was facing a mental and physical breakdown while having to work as a paramedic and studying to obtain his first degree. Unable to cope and having flunked a semester, he was relying heavily on his wife’s support. “Happiness is moments away”, whispers she on and on, breathily and caringly. Sometimes you’ve just got to keep believing!

Nilka’s interest in music started blooming in her childhood days, when she started turning her introspection into poetry and melodies. At the age of 14, she taught herself to play the guitar and went on to join a number of bands and choirs, taking inspiration from both the symphonic and popular music she was performing. She graduated from Polka State College, having studied Classical Voice, and then acquired a further degree in Commercial Voice and Song Writing from Belmont University. Poured Out is the first in a string of singles to come from now through early 2023. The follow-up will be Mercy, set for release on 23 September.

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio