Mkaye Battles His Inner Demons On New Single ‘Lullabye’

Since 2020, UK artist Mkaye has been conquering listeners with his splendid R&B/Hip Hop fused sound, always coming up with honest and well-crafted lyrics that reflect the many struggles and experiences in this singer’s life, with his song Lullabye arguably being one of his most personal tracks till this day.

Mkaye – Lullabye

With a generous collection of successful singles under his belt like Charva’d Up and Who? What? Where? UK performer Mkaye is back with an intimate jam that tackles a problem that afflicts millions of people all over the globe, which is mental health. In Lullabye Mkaye shows a never before seen side of himself.

This jam opens with a poignant piano section that builds into the chorus, showcasing his stunning vocal ability. As the track progresses Mkaye delivers some euphoric and aggressive hot bars where he illustrates the fight with his inner demons through some highly personal songwriting.

Aside from the single, Mkaye also dropped a music video for this release that adds more meaning to this composition.

In this visual work, we can see a paragraph that recapitulates Mkaye’s battle with mental health, followed by pictures of him and his family, going back and forth between this powerful imagery and him performing at a church.

“Lullabye combines striking rhymes and moving production, with a powerful message.”

Mkaye has provided an insightful piece that tackles a painful topic to discuss openly, exhibiting a level of vulnerability with a fair dose of edginess. Lullabye is a tune that definitely many people will feel identified with, and hopefully, they will find solace in it as well. He seems to be moving in the right direction, and it will be interesting to see where his artistic road takes him from here.

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Words Javier Rodriguez