MILLICENT Speaks up for mental health charities on new single Conversation Conservation

Old fashioned name, old soul, fresh new music with heart. Today on the RCM Blog we introduce you to MILLICENT and her new single Conversation Conservation

Introducing MILLICENT

MILLICENT (Millie Weaver to her friends) is a twenty two year old singer / songwriter based in Manchester where she is currently studying at BIMM.

She grew up sharing her Mother’s taste for artists including Kate Bush and Sheryl Crow and her father’s taste for indie bands including Snow Patrol and Green Day. Borrowing from this diverse mix she developed her own style and identity.

Introspective but never self indulgent MILLICENT describes her songs as lessons she writes for herself to learn. She explains… “if I listen back it’s like a history lesson of when and why I wrote it. My old soul speaking to my inner child.”

MILLICENT’S music attempts to reflect her inner truths in images that are literal from memories, or metaphorical, using lyricism to recreate a scene for my feelings to unfold into.

MILLICENT Conversation Conservation

Her new single is about voicing her own social anxiety, which she describes as speaking to her as a friend with the intentions of a foe. She is using this release to highlight the importance of speaking out about struggles with mental health.

MILLICENT is donating and encouraging donations and support to four different mental health charities and organisations Mind, Young Minds UK, We Are Hummingbird and Mental Health Foundation Her aim is not only to help those suffering with mental health, but to also support those charities in funding resources and campaigning health schemes to parliament. Show your support by heading to MILLICENT’S Bandcamp Page and hit that download button.

With a honeyed vocal style, reminiscent of Sade, it’s hard not to love this track, especially when you understand the motivation and story behind it.

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