Marlee Navigates The ‘Cynical’ Post Pandemic World

Sporting a larger-than-life persona, Marlee is a self-professed cartoon character.

Marlee – Cyncial

Hailing from the Isle of Wight but currently based in London, the independent artist is wowing audiences with her colourful and bold character. Beginning her music journey at the age of fifteen, she gigged her way around her hometown before securing an opening slot for Level 42 at the Royal Albert Hall one year later. 

New single, “Cynical” summarises the artist’s feelings as a young woman navigating a post-pandemic world, which is particularly interesting as the singer officially debuted at the start of the pandemic, now three years ago. A playful and witty track, the accompanying lyric video uses AI technology to create a dream-like, though slightly unsettling landscape. Directed by Marlee herself, who has a degree in Graphic and Media Design from the London College of Communication, listeners are invited to follow the main character through her “water-colour world” – dreams and nightmares!

Enjoying a balance between realism and imagination, Marlee peppers her recipe with satire, sarcasm and wit, to guarantee a jocose listening experience.  Counteracting dreamy electronic textures with her aggressive guitar playing, she brings a unique edge to her pop-driven sound, which richly filters through in this new single. Built with nostalgic, retro production, Marlee pairs elements of r ‘n’ b, rock and pop to create a truly rich palette that will leave you very impressed. 

This track has many layers at work, and faces the challenge of blending various mismatched elements as one, yet Marlee has achieved this quite effortlessly. Topping it off with resonant, matter-of-fact vocals, Marlee is the new it-girl of the pop-rock world.

“Marlee is an intense, inventive force: Writing, creating, producing and directing, she is a fascinating musical mind to watch at work. “Cynical” is an exceptional avant-garde pop track that is just a taste of her capabilities.

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Words by Rhí McPhelim