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Nefeli On Clouds Float Above The ‘Clouds’

Nefeli On Clouds - Clouds on Right Chord Music

Alt-pop duo Nefeli On Clouds have shared their sophomore track Clouds, a work that continues their upward trajectory and firmly positions them as one to watch.

What started with two individuals meeting at a concert in Cologne, Germany, eventually blossomed into a riveting project known as Nefeli On Clouds. Product of Athens native Nefeli and her partner Alessandro, this duo shares a passion for music reflected in their ambitious compositions.

Combining Nefeli’s well-penned lyrics with Alessandro’s composing and guitar skills, this duo creates emotive soundscapes that engulf the listener with a hypnotizing aural experience.

Coming two years after their debut single, Clouds has a heavenly vibe to it, starting with a soothing synth, slowly delivered guitar, and Nefeli’s dreamy vocals, evoking an extremely chilled atmosphere that could only be described as calmly drifting away, losing yourself into these sugary notes and solemn arrangements.

However, this piece eventually takes a 360° spin during the chorus, turning into a more dramatic and energized tune, highlighting the versatility of this talented pair.

Lyrically, this tune depicts the craving for a real connection in a relationship, focusing on living in the now and letting go of negativity.

“Clouds is a rich and varied alt-pop composition.”

Both Clouds and previous single One will be part of Nefeli’s debut EP Depths of You, a five-track record set for release early next year, and that will dive into the theme of love and its many facets.

Nefeli might be on the clouds right now, but they have all the tools to go even higher than that.

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Words Javier Rodriguez