Margo Dreams Of A Better Tomorrow On ‘Astronaut’

After the triumphal unveiling of her first single two months ago, Cologne’s young prodigy Margo has returned with a new single called Astronaut, a melody brimming with clever ideas.

Margo – Astronaut

Uprising German artist Margo made some waves this last September with the release of her debut song, Pink Vision, getting praise from many outlets, including Right Chord Music.

Taking advantage while the iron is still hot, Margo has revealed the next instalment on her short yet highly enjoyable discography, and just like the first one, this new bopper seems bound to draw plenty of attention once more.

This new piece takes a different sonorous route than her previous release. While Pink Vision had a more tender and heartwarming production attached to it, Astronaut strikes right off the bat with ethereal atmospheric beats and spacey synthesizers, giving the illusion of this being an outer-space track, followed by Margo’s characteristic sweet vocals.

However, creative production is not the only praiseworthy element of this composition. Thematically, Margo has come up with some of her most polished lyrics to date, with Astronaut depicting Margo’s feelings of loneliness and distant dreams during the lockdowns, using the metaphorical comparison of being stranded in the vacuum of space in the search for something else out there.

“Astronaut is an imaginative Pop gem, filled with lyrical charm and beautifully appealing thanks to its enchanting production.”

Margo’s second offering of the year evidences the artistic growth that this young singer has gone through, taking her singing and songwriting skills to new and exciting sonic territories. With releases of this calibre, Margo is slowly becoming a promising figure in Germany’s Indie-Pop landscape.

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Words Javier Rodriguez