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Lessens Return With The Fear In The Hallway

Lessens Fear In The Hallway on the Right Chord Music Blog

Lessens, a talented trio hailing from Bristol, navigates the space between post-punk and post-rock with finesse. Their latest offering, The Fear In The Hallway, showcases their intricate sound and musical depth.

Lessens – The Fear In The Hallway

Despite being relatively new on the scene, Lessens have a rich backstory. Emerging from the remnants of a previous project named Sextape, the band transformed after guitarist Gregory Jameswood’s departure to join Nossiennes. This left Jamie Harper (guitar, vocals), Ben Curtis (bass), and Andy Holliday (drums) to form the current lineup.

Surprisingly, the transition didn’t hinder Lessens; instead, it provided a fresh perspective. The trio honed their vision, delving into themes of fragility, anxiety, melancholy, and the obscured beauty within darkness.

Their journey began with the debut single If I Walk Into The Sea (Would You Choke With Me?) in 2019, delving into themes of suicide and the complexities of human relationships. Building on their momentum, 2020 saw the release of Abundant, a seven-minute instrumental piece that solidified their artistic direction.

However, the pinnacle arrived in 2022 with the debut EP, Home.

Continuing their tradition of delivering profound lyrical content, Lessens’ latest melody, The Fear In The Hallway, draws inspiration from a terrifying childhood nightmare experienced by lead singer Jamie Harper. This composition delves into themes of fear, loss, and bereavement, maintaining the band’s trademark depth and emotional resonance.

Resembling the soundtrack of an unsettling horror film, Lessens adeptly captures the chilling ambience of a haunting nightmare. Their tight drumming, coupled with a shadowy chord progression, serves as a perfect backdrop to Jamie’s haunting vocals. These elements intertwine to maintain a mesmerizing tension, gradually building towards an awe-inspiring crescendo. The thick wall of textures that emerges showcases the band’s undeniable musical prowess. Much like any nightmare, the piece ends abruptly, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

“The Fear In The Hallway unfurls as a gorgeously depicted sombre soundscape, adorned with ambition and flawlessly executed artistry.”

Lessens possesses a distinct allure, whether attributed to their poetic storytelling or their intricate, almost hypnotic musicianship. Yet, at the core, this band exudes sincerity. They don’t chase uniqueness; instead, they stand out for their ability to create music that resonates deeply. In essence:

“Loud is made louder by quiet. Quiet is made quieter by loud. Give melody space.” Lessens.

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