Lena Minder Packed Up Her Life In Zurich And Moved To Berlin To Focus On Music. It Was A Great Decision.

Four years ago, singer/songwriter, Lena Minder, packed up her life in Zurich, Switzerland and moved to Berlin. Since then, she has focussed more on producing, creating new sounds, and establishing herself as a solo artist.

Lena Minder Stay Around

Lena’s debut single, Stay Around, is beautifully heart-rending, laced with effortless vocal effects, and rich harmonies. Although simple and understated, the song’s lyrics are packed full of poignant and vivid imagery that tugs at your emotions. The accompanying video to the track is equally emotive and captivating, featuring abandoned buildings, white venetian volto masks, and Lena in an ethereal, white dress that serves as the perfect symbol for her divinely angelic voice.

Stay Around was recorded alongside Cameron Laing at The Famous Gold Watch studios in Berlin, and is reminiscent of some of Lena’s best-loved artists, most particularly Feist and The Staves. The song was written just before Lena decided to make the move back to Switzerland in March 2020, knowing that she would miss what she was leaving behind in Berlin. But, the pandemic hit soon after, and kept her in the German capital anyway.

Stay Around is a tender, compelling, and completely gorgeous track that you’d struggle to only listen to once. We can’t wait to hear more from Lena.

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Words Rachel Makinson