Laura T Reveals ‘The Me You Never Got To See’

Norfolk songstress Laura T has decided to strip away the veils of pretence in her new single ‘The Me You Never Got To See’. The ethereal and soothing piece has the artist confidently declaring that it is time for those who matter to see her real self.

Laura T – The Me You Never Got To See

This pop-rock tune recalls late 90s/early 00s soft rock and dream pop with its calming guitar-strumming. The angelic choir adds a sense of candid purity that is simply to die for and contrasts with her markedly fierce vocal delivery. On every note, Laura sounds assertive and emphatic, like someone who has gradually grown more comfortable in her own skin and is finally sure of what she wants. The choir accompanies her throughout the chorus, amplifying its power and adding to the liberating atmosphere. “This is the real me”, she repeats delightfully. No more self-silencing and folding back her own wings to fit society’s (or anyone’s) expectations!

Laura T spent about a decade working as a fitness trainer in London. Back in her native Norfolk, she became a vocalist and co-writer for band RANE and has also been writing and composing solo material ever since. She describes the process of making music as her therapy, which certainly shows in the passion and sincerity that transpire through her tunes and words. This song was inspired by both her personal experiences of trying to mould herself after the expectations of friends and romantic partners and of trying to fit in as a mixed-race girl who grew up being bullied by her predominantly white peers. This feeling of isolation is what led her to seek music as a venue for self-expression.

This is Laura T’s second solo single and another one is planned for October 21.

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio