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Labyrinthine Oceans Share The Foreboding ‘untitled’

Labyrinthine Oceans untitled review on Right Chord Music

Discover Labyrinthine Oceans’ dreamy, screamy rock on ‘Untitled’.

Labyrinthine Oceans – Untitled

‘I can’t do this no more’, opens ‘untitled’ by Labyrinthine Oceans, full of foreboding. It’s a stark line that sets us up for a dark track about a relationship on the brink of collapse, with all the rage and angst you could desire. Think about your worst ex, it’s screaming out the window time!

Labyrinthine Oceans are an alt-rock band based in Newcastle. They’ve gained some good notice from music outlets and support slots for the likes of Venus Grrrls and Pachyman. This track marks the first single from their upcoming sophomore EP.

‘untitled’ is a rock track with a 90s influence that manages to be rageful, ghostly and sultry all at once.

‘I’m cold in my nightdress, I can’t do this no more’ sing the bleakly compelling lyrics, describing lovers who are once again on the point of breakup, having ‘done this before’. The powerful chorus screams the point of decision – ‘will you be the one I don’t see anymore? Or will I push through this?’ – and ends on the memorable image ‘I take down my mattress and sleep on the floor’. The melodies are punchy and delivered in charismatic lead vocals, capable of eerie huskiness and powerful screaming. 

The production combines an ominously thrumming bass and spiky guitars, next to ghostly synths. There are some well-crafted lines and the overall effect is both distorted and ethereal, and it’s clearly a track that would be hugely effective live. Fans of acts like Radiohead and Slowdive will find something to enjoy here – though at under 3 minutes, it may leave you wanting more.

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Words Eden Tredwell