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Kuda takes us on a personal journey in new single ‘Down there’

Kuda Down There

Returning after his last single ‘Low Low’ hit 1 million streams, Kuda is back with a bang. ‘Down There’ is led by spacey synths and infectious beats, whilst Kuda speaks on his own personal experiences, and reminds us to always believe in ourselves. With a psychedelic coating to his music, Kuda forms a sound that is reminiscent of Kid Cudi and Kanye West, whilst adding his own signature sonic flavour. 

Kuda – ‘Down There’

The rising 21-year-old artist hails from North Carolina and has been turning heads since he began releasing material back in 2019. Always taking an open and honest approach with his lyrics, Kuda’s music is not only relatable but also aims to inspire, harbouring important messages about self-love and enjoying life, regardless of other people’s judgements. 

Propelling to great heights during his first year on the scene, Kuda has now returned to prove that his talents and artistry knows no bounds, as ‘Down There’ provides feel-good melodies and a catchy vibe that is undeniably chart-worthy. 

Capturing his personality perfectly through the candid nature of his lyrics and delivery, the young artist provides us with head-bopping tracks that you can’t help but keep on repeat. 

With a rapidly growing fanbase, Kuda is going from strength to strength with each record he shares, suggesting he has a lot more to offer in the coming year. As he quickly establishes himself as one to watch amongst the R&B and hip-hop scenes, the rapper is making all the right moves and is clearly destined for big things in the industry. Be sure to check out ‘Down There’ and keep an eye out for what Kuda delivers in 2022.

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Words Chloe Hadded