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Killing Art Assures Us ‘I’m Not In Love’

Killing Art I'm Not In Love single review on Right Chord Music Blog

Discover Killing Art’s indie-pop waltz.

Killing Art – ‘I’m not in love’

‘I’m not in love’, sings the title and the main hook of Killing Art’s latest release. It’s a sweet, elongated refrain that echoes through the song, as if Killing Art is trying to convince themselves of something – indeed, why would you sing so forcefully about not being in love if you weren’t, perhaps, just a bit in love? Here’s a love song for those in denial. You’re in good company. 

Killing Art is an alternative artist hailing from Texas. Blending genres like indie, pop, alt, hyperpop and more, he’s been consistently releasing singles and sneaking his way onto notable playlists.

“I’m not in love’ is a bittersweet, lilting indie-pop song with an eclectic blend of influences and a warmth that washes over you.”

‘Take away my breath, more like my head, cos I can’t seem to think of anything’, sing the confessional, stream-of-consciousness style lyrics. The song follows a cloudy relationship, seemingly full of doubt as our narrator asks questions like ‘I filled up your cup, but for what?’. There are some notable moments of imagery with mildly disturbing lines like ‘I can’t seem to tell the difference ‘cos you’ve sewn my mouth shut’, but with the cascading melodies and the expressive, youthful vocals, they don’t come with too much of a sting. 

The production centres around bright, warm guitar picking, and has a bit of a lo-fi edge with the use of distorted effects in the background and the backing vocals. A steady waltz beat anchors the track, with angelic synths balanced out by a fuzzy bass. It’s definitely one for the internet generation – short and sweet and under 3 minutes – but anyone looking for some indie ear candy should check this out. 

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Words Eden Tredwell