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Rosie May Releases Country Rock Gem ‘Never Had A Plan’

Rosie May Never Had A Plan

Rosie May’s Country rock gem tells a heart-wrenching story of love and abandonment.

Rosie May – Never Had a Plan

Just let the smooth intro play and you are enthralled! Rosie May’s dazzling vocals really have that kind of power. Such that, in the introduction to her new single Never Had a Plan, a few seconds of them, accompanied by a simple stripped-down acoustic guitar harmony really are enough to snatch you! The words are vague: “I never had a plan with a man who stole me”, she utters in her sugary, aching voice and leaves you yearning for more details.

The wait is kept short, however, as the drums quickly bulk up the sound, kick off the verses proper and she starts relaying her story. The country rock vibe, reminiscent of Dire Straits’ The man’s too strong, ups the contemplative atmosphere a notch. The instrumental is simply gorgeous and functions as the perfect vehicle for Rosie’s mesmerising voice, made all the more captivating by her somewhat ache-laden delivery. This is the story of one of those brief intense encounters that slip away as quickly as they begin, but lead your life astray, nonetheless.

“He began to slip, he was not strong”, she continues. As is often the case with Casanovas the world over, our stud’s unshakable passion started to waver sooner than she expected. Her love may have been the purest there can be, but as she found out, “People don’t want love/ They want a plan”… And so she was left to lick her wounds, mournfully chewing on the chorus until the song dies down, savouring her loneliness. Tale as old as time, one might say, but unveiled with such sincerity and deftness it is simply impossible not to be taken away by every second of it.

Rosie May was born in Somerset and is currently studying Songwriting and Music Production at the Bristol Music College. She is currently working on her debut album with no set release date as of yet, but promises more music is coming out in the meantime.

“Rosie May’s ache-laden vocals are the star here, as they convey her yearning and pain after being forsaken”

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio