Johnny Kulo slides into the DMs with smooth new single ‘Wrong’

Smooth and slick are the two words that immediately came to mind when we hit play on Johnny Kulo’s new single ‘Wrong’.

Johnny Kulo – Wrong

Designed as “a cheeky escape to a memory that was precious at the time”, Kulo serenely sings about a past relationship, fraught with errors but important all the same, as we gather from the fact he’s dedicated a whole song to this person. 

The Berlin-based musician has also been building up a decent catalogue over the years, but it’s this track that stands out as a defining moment in his releases so far. It’s bold and shows real confidence that Kulo has no doubt gathered while writing and recording in the bustling German capital. Some of his local collaborators have also stepped up to perform on ‘Wrong’, giving the track a rich, full-band sound in which spicy strings, keys and production swing in soulful harmony and give the listener a chance to get lost in the grooves.

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Words Daisy Lipsey