Curse of Lono endures grief, loss and isolation but declares ‘Think I’m Alright Now’

Curse of Lono signals the arrival of his third studio album with psych-rock single ‘Think I’m Alright Now’.

Curse of Lono – Think I’m Alright Now

London’s Curse of Lono is well versed in writing stirring alt-rock music with shades of psychedelia; a sound that whisks the listener away to pseudo-intoxicated soundscapes. Following up on the last two albums, Felix Bechtolsheimer has pieced together his third studio album as he endured trials of grief, loss and isolation. 

As we learn from the musician,I lost my dad, my uncle and my ex-partner last year, and my band, but I’ve got this record and I almost look at it like a bit of a shrine.” A totem of hope on this sonic shrine is ‘Think I’m Alright Now’, the newest song to be revealed from the record. 

It begins with an upbeat guitar refrain that loops around over 60s-era sustained notes and a shuffling drum pattern, all in all creating a consistent backdrop for Bechtolsheimer’s gently ascending vocals.

That repeated phrase I’ve been shaken but I think I’m alright now” reflects the tough year he’s had, but also how he’s come out the other side of it. I think we can all relate to that. Stretching over nearly four and a half minutes, ‘Think I’m Alright Now’ fixes you in place, giving you ample opportunity to reflect on the kind of time you’ve been having lately.

After listening to this, our appetite is eager for more from Curse of Lono’s People In Cars LP which will be out on November 26th via Submarine Cat Records.

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Words Daisy Lipsey