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JEEBO Share Quirky New Single ‘Giants’

JEEBO Giants review on Right Chord Music

Introducing JEEBO, a highly talented four-piece band that has garnered impressive achievements in the short period they have been releasing music.

JEEBO – Giants

JEEBO have sold out shows in London and Eastern England with only three singles. Their tracks have also received substantial airplay on prominent stations such as BBC Radio 1 and now, JEEBO are building on that momentum, continuing to captivate audiences with the release of their latest single, ‘Giants’, which is both strange and captivating, drawing listeners into the band’s imaginative and vibrant musical universe. 

Starting with a powerful guitar riff that captivates listeners and pulls them along, lead singer George’s haunting vocals commence, narrating a chilling story of the consequences that unfold when extraterrestrials and ‘giant ants’ seize control of the planet and assimilate humans as their vessels.

‘Giants’ provides an unforgettable auditory experience recounting a distinctive, spine-chilling story. 

As the ants and humans learn to live alongside each other, the ants gradually gain insight into the challenges and struggles that define human existence. Throughout the track, there is a distinct criticism of the government, holding them accountable for the dire human conditions. Despite the severity of the critique, however, the track cleverly infuses biting sarcasm to convey its message in a thought-provoking and impactful manner. 

The anthemic chorus of ‘Giants’ sets it apart from JEEBO’s earlier releases, indicating a newfound maturity in the band’s music after 12 months of consistent releases. The chorus is polished and powerful, exuding an infectious energy that is sure to linger in listeners’ minds long after the song ends.

‘Giants’ is unleashed just before JEEBO hit the stage at the iconic Isle of Wight festival, enthusiastic fans can anticipate a live rendition of the track, alongside the band’s existing releases. Boasting vibrant percussive elements, lively drum patterns, and powerful bass, the single is a standout track in the four-piece’s discography that will dazzle during live performances.

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Words Katie Macbeth