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Ginger And The Peppers Go Old-School On ‘Out Of Phase’

Ginger and the Peppers

Taking inspiration from 70s classic rock, five-piece Ginger And The Peppers are here to dazzle audiences with a good dose of Brazilian rock in a formidable throwback track called Out of Phase.

Ginger And The Peppers – Out Of Phase

Hailing from Sāo Paulo, Brazil, Ginger And The Peppers is Julia Dillon (vocals), Alê Masili (guitar), Paulo Gonzaga (guitar), Itto Menezes (bass), and J.P. Masella (drums). Formed in 2020, this quintet started as many other bands do, with just a group of friends having a good time. However, after realizing the unique ability that music possesses and how it can reach and engage people, the project grew and became the workhorse that it is today.

Of course, a band is nothing without a distinctive sound that represents them, luckily, this act has that base covered with their fascinating retro style, which is present in their newest release, Out Of Phase, a cohesive banger that represents their desire to express themselves through this beautiful art form.

An emphatic and disorienting “Hello” welcomes us to this single, followed almost immediately by the strident riffs, punching drums, and Julia’s electrifying voice. The many guitar passages, including the astonishing solo, grant this piece a retro sound that will take you to the promised land of Rock & Roll.

Out Of Phase is a nostalgically pleasant musical venture and a blast of old-school Rock.

Fully charged with retro goodness, Ginger And The Peppers’ debut feels authentic due to their honest and unpretentious take on a known genre. They managed to define a distinctive personality, one that will surely keep maturing and evolving as time passes.

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Words Javier Rodriguez