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Angela Sclafani Pulls Off A Trick With ‘Disappearing Act’

Angela Sclafani - ‘Disappearing Act’

Angela Sclafani’s latest release is a song to be cherished again and again.

Angela Sclafani – Disappearing Act

‘Disappearing Act’ is the last of four singles that New York-based singer-songwriter and all-around artistic maven Angela Sclafani has released since September last year.

In an act appealing to her theatrical side, she is slowly unveiling her debut album ‘Songs of Other Selves’ released on the indie label Pitch & Prose due in February. Described as “a sonic journey through the playful world of her inner child and past personas” Sclafani’s first full-length album comes on top of three independently released EPs – ‘Blossom’ in 2016, ‘Your Ghost’ in 2018 and ‘History’ in 2020 and an EP of re-imagined Stevie Nicks songs, ‘Edge of Seventeen’ in 2021.

Based on the magician’s famous ability to disappear, the track was written as a barb to a former lover’s performance of this most recognised of tricks: “One minute he’s there, then he’s out the back door”.

Sclafani’s vocal flutters above the gentle flush of guitar as the song breezes along with a Norah Jones pop-country vibe. She tells her tale with a level of honesty that lends the song a vintage Americana quality, making it feel like a short-act play.

The character of the ‘Magician’ is fleshed out through whimsical lyrics: “Wears no cape, nor hat nor glove”. This romanticised description is then matched with more acerbic, contemporary lyrics: ‘Has no look, no spunk no show’ injecting a hit of bitterness but without tipping the song over into vitriol, instead Sclafani treats it as a life lesson – ‘Fools you, then he flies’ – resolving the song with an acceptance.

‘Disappearing Act is a song that you can listen to again and again without diminishing returns, demonstrating Sclafani’s ability to pull off her own type of trick.

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Words Andrew Gutteridge