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Gabrielle Ornate Takes A Chance On ‘Nine Lives’

Gabrielle Ornate Nine Lives review on Right Chord Music

Bohemian siren Gabrielle Ornate makes a captivating return with her latest ethereal composition, Nine Lives.

Gabrielle Ornate – Nine Lives

Originating from Suffolk, Gabrielle Ornate is a multifaceted songstress whose music effortlessly combines elements of folk poetry, pop melodies, and powerful rock vibes. Her distinctive sound creates an entrancing fusion, inviting listeners to experience both enlightenment and elevation, while her lyrics strive to empower women and encourage all to embrace their inner divinity.

Having already launched several successful releases, including songs like Phantasm, Spirit of the Times, and Free Falling, each amassing over 100,000 plays, Gabrielle has solidified her distinct allure. Recognized as “ethereal rock you can’t shake off”, her music has caught the ear of industry veterans such as Tom Robinson of BBC Radio 6, RGM, CLOUT, and BBC Introducing, all of whom praised her innovative genre fusion and magnetic stage persona.

In addition to her versatile musical talent, Gabrielle is known for her spiritually inspired songwriting, and her latest release, Nine Lives, continues this trend. This captivating track delves into the intricate depths of the human psyche, encouraging listeners to undergo a transformative journey towards their highest selves.

Nine Lives achieves a flawless equilibrium in the convergence of its spiritual essence and compelling production. With resonant guitars and energetic drums, it crafts a surreal atmosphere, propelled by a contagious hook and culminating in a vivid echoed chorus.

“Nine Lives is a captivating and empowering hymn, boasting both striking instrumentation and undeniable charm.”

Once again, Gabrielle Ornate demonstrates her versatility, consistently delivering fresh and captivating releases that leave her fans eagerly anticipating more. Whatever the future holds for this captivating bohemian siren, one thing is certain: it will be anything but ordinary.

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