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FOURA.M Celebrate ‘Little Wins’

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Making their official debut, four-piece band FOURA.M has released their inaugural song, Little Wins. This track pays homage to a legendary rock band and conveys a message about appreciating life’s small moments.

FOURA.M – Little Wins

Hailing from the working-class town of Westbury in Wiltshire, FOURA.M (pronounced “four a.m.”) is a newcomer band formed by four friends united by their love for stadium rock. Their passion for music was cultivated through their parents’ collections of Walkmans, cassettes, vinyl records, and iTunes libraries.

Describing their sound and style, FOURA.M refers to their music as raw and anthemic, always striving to ignite a party atmosphere in any room or stage they play. Their influences include iconic bands and artists like The Who, Royal Blood, and Sam Fender, as well as the broader landscape of 90s alternative rock.

In their debut single, Little Wins, FOURA.M pays homage to the Foo Fighters’ 90s era while delivering an uplifting alt-rock anthem. Remarkably, within just two weeks of its release, the track has amassed over 10,000 streams. Little Wins is not only a tribute to the Foo Fighters but also a reminder to cherish life and love, celebrating the small victories that enrich our daily lives.

Fans acquainted with the Foo Fighters’ 90s masterpieces like The Colour And The Shape (1997) and There is Nothing Left To Lose (1999) will swiftly recognize their profound impact on FOURA.M. From the energetic instrumentation to vocals echoing Dave Grohl’s distinctive style. With dynamic chord transitions, powerful percussion, and captivating guitar melodies, the song closes with impassioned vocals that harken back to the golden age of alternative rock.

“Little Wins is a powerful tribute and also a refreshing alt-rock throwback.”

Little Wins embodies an anthemic vibe that positions it as FOURA.M’s perfect offering for a summer festival anthem. This choice of release date strategically aligns with the upcoming season, making it an ideal soundtrack for the festivities ahead. As 2024 unfolds, be sure to keep a close watch on this promising group, as they have much more to unveil in the coming months.

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