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French Exit Share Punchy Debut Single, ‘Still’

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French Exit, a band of close-knit friends and brothers hailing from South East London, have unveiled their debut single, ‘Still’. A bold, assertive number that boasts a distinctive post-punk-influenced sound, the track is completed with an infectious chorus. 

French Exit – Still

Those who enjoy South London’s bustling music scene will discover a parallel with post-punk favourites such as Shame in ‘Still’’s composition. The track exudes a raw, energetic vibe that evokes memories of the Brixton heroes. Yet despite being influenced by its predecessors, French Exit still stand tall amongst their alternative peers.

Opening with a guitar riff that feels both gritty and raw, ‘Still’ is a track that immediately captures the listener’s attention. As the song progresses, it becomes evident that its guitar work is the backbone of the track, providing the backbone to a track that exudes confidence before its lyrics even kick in. 

“A triumphant debut that sets the four-piece apart from their peers.” 

The lyrics themselves then compliment this guitarwork, soft-spoken and catchy, building an unforgettable combination. It’s in the pre-chorus that ‘Still’ truly shines, as the energy and intensity of the track builds, and the listener becomes familiar that French Exit are making music built for a live setting, and ‘Still’ is sure to get a crowd going. 

Since launching onto the London scene last year, French Exit have played support slots across the capital alongside two headline slots that have enabled the band to roadtest their music. As a result of their hard work and dedication, French Exit have produced a captivating, fun, sound that can be heard throughout ‘Still’. A triumphant debut that sets the four-piece apart from their peers. 

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Words Katie Macbeth