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Cheyanne Summer Explores Loss And Strength On ‘Please’

Cheyanne Summer 'Please' on Right Chord Music Blog

Canadian singer-songwriter Cheyanne Summer masterfully explores contrasting emotions in her latest sonic endeavour, Please.

Cheyanne Summer – Please

Born and raised in Kelowna and now firmly rooted in Calgary, Cheyanne Summer blends country, rock & roll, indie, R&B, and alternative music seamlessly. Her Western Canadian upbringing exposed her to country legends like Garth Brooks and Patsy Cline, as well as a diverse range of musical genres, festival culture, and live performances.

This versatility places her sound in the “undefined” category, seamlessly transitioning from the alternative appeal of her song Circles to the jazz-inflected hip-hop style of iSpy. Notably, Cheyanne is her own agent, promoter, and marketer, successfully securing numerous festival slots and shows—an impressive feat in the music industry. Additionally, she co-founded Peach Jam Records, a label dedicated to her self-released music and fostering a community of creatives.

Exploring themes of loss and strength, Cheyanne’s latest track Please was co-produced by Kenton Dobrowolski and supported by industry veteran Roy Hamilton III, who has collaborated with legends such as Nas and Michael Jackson. Featuring a beautiful piano arpeggio and a weeping guitar, the minimalistic arrangement of this song accentuates its heartfelt message and highlights Cheyanne’s soulful performance.

“Please is a powerful, emotionally charged track that showcases Cheyanne Summer’s talent and depth as an artist.”

With a series of impressive releases, Cheyanne has garnered praise from numerous outlets, including CBC’s Calgary Eyeopener on CBC Radio 1 and over 20 online publications like The Calgary Guardian and 10at10 Calgary. Her music has also received airplay on dozens of radio stations, including The Hitmix 107.5 (UK).

With her growing momentum and impressive credentials, Cheyanne Summer is undoubtedly an artist to watch.

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Words Javier Rodriguez