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The Epic Flavour of FaKe ID’s ‘Novels and Lullabies’


Lisbon – home of history, some excellent pastries and seafood, and some very attractive people. (You’ll have to take my word for that last bit.) And more recently, the birthplace of indie trio FaKe ID, who can be found recently playing some gigs and releasing their self-titled first EP. I’m here to review their latest single off that EP, ‘Novels and Lullabies’, and what a little gem it is.

FaKe ID – Novels and Lullabies

The band describe this single as being about ‘the wonders of being in love, even when things don’t go as we wish.’

‘Novels and Lullabies’ is an indie ode to lost love, with an epic, we-almost-made-it spirit, and all the joyful youthful energy of a new band.

The opening line of ‘The romance is over makes it clear this won’t be a perfect ending, but there’s a bittersweet acceptance as our narrator decides ‘novels and lullabies will keep you closer to my heart’, concluding ‘You’ll always be mine’ in the soaring chorus. Luckily it all lands in a nice nostalgic way, rather than in a creepy possessive ex way. The melodies are nicely crafted, and delivered with passionate conviction, and I particularly appreciated the half-time breakdowns.

With the quavering synth pads, journeying guitars, building drums and distorted, delayed vocals, the main reference I heard was 80s/90s indie bands such as Pulp. However, there’s a hint of theatrical rockers like Muse in the wailing vocals and flashy guitar solo, plus a little bit of 1960s band influence in those chromatic harmonies, complete with backing vocals. It’s an unexpected combination, but highly enjoyable, adding up to a nostalgic, cinematic feel perfect for some indie film soundtrack. FaKe ID’s energy is a welcome addition to the indie scene.

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Words Eden Tredwell