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Erik Reino Goes ‘Back To The Start’

Erik Reino Back To The Start. Right Chord Music Blog Review

Inspired by the Greek myth of Sisyphus, Erik Reino’s new EP is a five-track record conveying a brilliant metaphor for the impermanence of all things in life. We build projects that eventually fall apart, taking us ‘back to the start’.

Erik Reino – ‘Back To The Start’

Hailing from Amsterdam, Erik Reino is an artist who aims to develop a deep connection with his listeners, crafting unforgettable melodies about joy and heartache, but more importantly, about the contrast between those two emotions.

Back To The Start, his new EP is a well thought effort reiterating Erik’s maturity as a composer, confirming that if there is something he doesn’t lack, that is creativity.

Driven by its uplifting instrumentation, self-titled ‘Back To The Start’ will make it impossible to stay on your seat with its joyfully intricate synth passages and contagious guitar riffs, this tune definitely exemplifies the term ‘effervescent’.

But the high-spirited vibes don’t end there because ‘Love Container’ maintains the euphoric musicianship, but this time is for a romantic melody with endearing lyrics.

‘Old Town Cinema’ takes a different turn that feels very fitting with the overall theme of this record, featuring some new engaging elements like violin arrangements and persistent clapping beats.

‘Contrails’ features a beautiful piano chord progression while giving more space for Erik’s soaring vocals to take over and show what he is capable of as a singer. This one comes as the most solemn piece in this entire work.

‘Put The Teacup Down!!’ grabs your attention right away with an enchanting bass and an energized chorus, finishing this short compilation with a big exclamation mark.

“Back To The Start is a colourful and well-rounded EP, carefully developed and splendidly executed.”

Back To The Start takes the core elements of synth-pop and indie rock, expanding on them with refreshing ideas, keeping you guessing with all the twists and turns this talented artist presents. Every track here is its own unique beast, providing this work with a lot of replay value and variety. Our final verdict is that BTTS proves to be richly satisfying on all fronts.

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Words Javier Rodriguez