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Episode 205 Lost On Radio Playlist (Takeover Festival Special)


Lost On Radio Playlist

Lost On Radio began as a Podcast back in 2011.  Our aim remains the same: to showcase incredible new artists overlooked by radio, or pushed to the late night fringes. During it’s existence the Lost On Radio Podcast attracted listeners from over 80 different countries. It was also broadcast on 7 radio stations in five different countries (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK). After 201 episodes we took the decision to end the podcast continue as a weekly Spotify playlist.

The Lost On Playlist continues to champion the best new, undiscovered and under appreciated music in our inbox. Curated by the RCM editorial team it’s a democracy, if we love it, we playlist it. No radio pluggers or PRs required. To get your music in our ears, visit our contact page submit your music, or recommend your favourite new artists.  We ask our listeners to support the artists by clicking the links below to follow them on Facebook. Remember every stream earns the artist direct income, so we would also urge you to following the Lost On Radio Playlist and share it across social media. When radio is dominated by major label artist, Spotify provides a credible and powerful way for unsigned artists to build buzz and earn an income. Click here to read how Spotify can make independent artists financially sustainable.

This week we are showcasing the artists who will be performing at the RCM Takeover Festival. Watch live at the Right Chord Music Facebook page. The Festival takes place 18th, 19th, and 20th August.

        1. Dark Tides – Visions
        2. Officer – The Waters
        3. Dyllan – Bodguard (HMD Re-edit)
        4. Oh My Love – In The Rain
        5. Alicia Blue – Malcolm Jr.
        6. Fire_Sign – Sweet Oblivion
        7. Ava Lake – Do Your Thing
        8. J Alan Schneider – Behold
        9. Mock Deer – Gypsy Boys
        10. Madam – Back To The Sea
        11. Eliza Hull – Echoes
        12. Atlum Schema – Best Days
        13. The Manta Sidhu Ensemble – Little Ringing Bells
        14. The Copper Tones – Little Ringing Bells
        15. Josh Savage – Your Lips
        16. Danny Starr – Elixir
        17. Sammy Cannillo – Sorry, Johnny, You’ll Never Be an Astronaut
        18. Jessy Tomsko – Big Hearts
        19. Cristina F – Touch Me
        20. The Suitz – Animalz

Please also take the time to check out the other two excellent artists playing at the Festival whose  music isn’t currently on Spotify.Stefania Haapala & James Daniel Best