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Episode 101. Lost On Radio


Lost On Radio is a weekly showcase of incredible new, undiscovered, and under appreciated music from around the world. The show is curated and presented by Mark Knight, the founder of Right Chord Music. Lost On Radio aims to showcase incredible artists that have been overlooked by radio, or pushed to the late night fringes. Since it started, Lost On Radio has attracted listeners from over 80 different countries.

Listen back to all previous episodes by clicking the menu button on the player below, or subscribe and listen via iTunes to access visual chapters. Lost On Radio is now broadcast on radio stations on six radio stations in five different countries UK: Bus Stop Radio and Audio-Graffiti; US: WYAP-LP, Clay, West Virginia; Canada: VOBB Radio, Australia: Radio Goolarri in Broome New Zealand: LPFM in Te Anau Fiordland.

This week’s featured artists:

1. RCM ‘Band of The Week – Carpool Conversation – African Queen In A Brazilian Dream

2. Phantom Runners – On The Run

3. RCM ‘First Signs Of Love’ – Echotape – Whiskey Bar

4. Seer Group – Love Me Back

5. Nozart – Just Let It Go

6. Big Tree – Raise The Flag

7. JJ from Bandcamp Hunter picks his discovery of the week. Basin – Reliever

8. Ton Le (Cam) – Choi Ai (Featuring QQQ)

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