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Adam Simpson ‘Ground Zer0’ explores the deep struggles of lockdown

Adam Simpson

Recorded in his home in London, Adam Simpson has released his fourth single ‘Ground Zer0’ which explores the deep struggles of lockdown.

‘Ground Zer0’ focuses its lyricism on the hardships of the past year, a year which has had severe effects on people’s mental health. Adam delves into the feelings of anxiety and anguish which come paired with the ending of lockdown, making the lyrics ring true for so many. There is evident passion in Adam’s vocals which only adds to the effectiveness of the piece.

‘Ground Zer0’ takes a modern twist on some old-school-sounding rock. There are glimmers of The Cure and Echo & The Bunnymen and The Cure within his songwriting. It certainly has an 80’s edge, making it an even more exciting and mesmeric listen. Not only does the release deliver nostalgic rock energy, Adam’s entire appearance and facade mirror this.

The Newcastle born and bred artist has managed to encapsulate the feelings of the nation in under 3-minutes, it is an earnest sing-a-long. It is not only the perfect accompaniment to having a few drinks in an evening, it is the ideal track to play through your headphones when walking down the street to make you feel like the ultimate badass.

This release is a song relatable for the masses, it’s catchy, and its message is concise. Adam Simpson has an undeniable talent, and a career as a singer-songwriter is indeed blossoming ahead of him. His previous releases such as ‘Where Do We Go Now’ and ‘Soldier On’ are also worth a listen.

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Words Sophie Bourgeois