Ena Fay takes listeners on an emotional journey with her latest single, ‘Because I Care’ 

Irish-German songstress Ena Fay takes listeners on an emotional and heartfelt journey in her latest single, ‘Because I Care’ featuring an accompanying live session music video.

Ena Fay – Because I Care

Taken from her forthcoming EP I Can Feel It Too, ‘Because I Care’ sees Ena Fay’s gorgeous, raw vocals gently ebb and flow across the track, accented by yearnsome violins, gentle piano chords and as Ena Fay narrates the thrilling highs and bitter lows of pouring your love into somebody.  Ena warns us that love will sometimes be difficult but her lyrics remind us that it will always be worth it.

Encompassed in rich, orchestral instrumentation, heartfelt lyricism and incredibly impassioned vocals, ‘Because I Care’ is both a beautifully written and masterfully composed piece of music that adheres to Ena Fay’s well-loved style of deeply personal and emotive storytelling.

Speaking on the message behind her single, Ena Fay explains:

“I wrote ‘Because I Care’ about two and a half years ago for vocals and piano. Extending this song to what it is now was a wonderful experience – I worked closely with James Cox who wrote the string quartet parts and Phil Kimber who added the slightly orchestral sounding drums. The song’s meaning? It is about the pains and the beauty of caring for someone.” – Ena Fay

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Words Daisy Lipsey