Down the indie pop ‘Rabbit Hole’ of Gemma Rogers

‘It’s the middle of the night, all the creatures are stirring…’ begins ‘Rabbit Hole’ by Gemma Rogers. Don’t worry, it’s not the start of some campfire horror story, but rather a freewheeling night out. Then again, the two do sometimes look quite similar.

Gemma Rogers – Rabbit Hole

UK artist Gemma Rogers can be recognised for her genre-sloshing sound and playful style. Rabbit Hole is the second single to be lifted from her forthcoming album and it follows ‘Good Day Bad Trip‘ which was also featured on RCM.

‘Rabbit Hole’ is an indie-electro party anthem, with equal parts glitter, glam and goodwill for mankind.

Rogers’ lyrics contrast unnerving, late-night imagery – ‘We see the cat’s eyes blurring’ – with lovey-dovey party sentiments like ‘throw your arms around the world’, all delivered in her husky, conversational vocals. There’s also a mention of a clock tower which is more significant than it appears – this is a reference to a clock tower in Rogers’ hometown which has been deemed an eyesore and set for demolishing, which has sparked backlash and protest in the local community. It shows some deeper thought behind the track’s party attitude – watch out for a nod to the tower in the music video too!

The production once again is a distinctive mish-mash, with stadium-worthy, almost cinematic electric guitar and thrumming bass lines butting heads with electro, clubby keyboard riffs. It all pulls together with a shuffling beat and a singalong chorus though, and never takes itself too seriously. The music video is a fun watch too – gleefully artificial as Rogers rides around in a cardboard car in front of a green screen, dancing and singing accompanied by revellers in animal heads. Another release full of personality for Gemma Rogers.

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Words Eden Tredwell