Nora Lilith releases second unique and alluring single ‘Daysof8’ 

Vibey, experiential and always enchanting, Nora Lilith’s self-made productions are putting her on the map & cementing her place as one to watch for the coming year. 

Nora Lilith – Daysof8

The young singer-songwriter, producer and mixer stunned fans and critics alike with her dark, brooding and emotionally-tinged tracks. ‘Misfed’ was the first in the series, introducing us to a new era in the young artist’s career. Now, Nora Lilith follows up with ‘Daysof8’, her latest genre-bending drop & the first single to be unveiled from her forthcoming EP. 

Featuring a deep, funky bassline, an electronic drum beat & some super cool vocal effects, ‘Daysof8’ really captures Nora Lilith’s incredible DIY talents and ear for melody and composition. Limitless in her creativity and her artistry, Nora Lilith’s sound captures various lo-fi electronic ambiences as she explores the cracks and crevasses of experimental bedroom style beats, house, R&B and Jazz.

Despite the bright, groove-able, bedroom pop vibe that ‘Daysof8’ gives off, its lyrical content sits on the darker side of the spectrum, creating a bitter-sweet juxtaposition of sound and mood as Nora recalls the events of a past relationship & the feeling of not being good enough for your romantic partner.

 “The number 8 is structurally and visibly similar to an infinity symbol. To me, true love is an act of extending oneself for the sake of another’s growth. This act is infinite; infinitely doable and experientially infinite. It also makes me think of symbols of duality and balance, like yin/yang, an interplay between two forces that are fluid and symbiotic.” – Nora Lilith

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Words Daisy Lipsey