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Doublethink Are Influenced By Orwell On ‘Down And Out In Paris’

Doublethink Down and out in Paris on Right Chord Music

Hailing from Manchester, the band Doublethink effortlessly blends the nostalgic charm of 60s pop with the gritty essence of 90s music in their latest single, Down And Out In Paris.

Doublethink – Down And Out In Paris

Comprising Alfie Durkin on lead guitar and songwriter duties, Eddie James on bass and songwriting, Morgan Frith Jones on rhythm guitar, and Matt Court on drums, Doublethink exudes a distinctive British elegance throughout their music.

As a cohesive unit, these four musicians have cultivated a captivating sound that blends the melodic allure of 60s/70s pop with the wild instrumentals of grunge. Despite the apparent disparity between these two genres, Doublethink effortlessly merges them into a compelling and intriguing musical landscape, setting themselves apart as a distinctive ensemble.

The band’s name, Doublethink, draws inspiration from George Orwell’s renowned novel, “1984.” This literary connection extends to their latest song, Down And Out In Paris, which reflects themes from Orwell’s work of the same name. The profound influence of Orwell’s themes is palpable in the composition of this melody, underscoring the band’s literary and artistic depth.

From the outset, the track captivates with its beautiful and soothing guitar patterns, setting the stage for a vibrant chorus that brims with infectious energy. Yet, Doublethink showcases their versatility as the composition transitions seamlessly into a more serene bridge, featuring smooth whistles and satin vocals before erupting once more into the explosive chorus.

“Down And Out In Paris is a buoyant indie rock anthem that radiates positivity, delivering four and a half minutes of flawlessly executed alt-rock craftsmanship.”

Despite releasing only three singles, Doublethink have already demonstrated their potential by the thousands of streams on Spotify. Down And Out In Paris marks the beginning of what promises to be an exhilarating musical journey.

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Words Javier Rodriguez