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Digsby’s Atmospheric Inner Conflict On ‘One of a Kind’ 

Digsby One of a Kind on Right Chord Music Blog

Digsby combines 60s and 70s-inspired musicality to create an interesting and atmospheric record that captures the internal conflict of losing someone you love.

Digsby – One of a Kind

The band incorporates a variety of influences with fresh craftsmanship in order to create a complex and interesting record. 

‘One of a Kind’ is a compelling musical composition that seamlessly weaves together contrasting elements to form a rich and harmonious record. The song grapples with the intricate emotions and conflicting sentiments that arise from the bewildering journey of losing someone dear. Every aspect, from the lyrics to the instrumental arrangement, resonates with this constant interplay.

Lead singer and guitarist Joe Webb is joined by Ben Hooton on bass and backing harmonies, Harry Surman on drums, and Nina Sawicka on keyboard and backing vox/harmonies. The ethereal combination of reverberating guitars and a steady drumbeat creates a dreamlike ambience in the verses, while the lyrics directly address the singer’s departed love. Combined with Webb’s wavering vibrato, these sections have an engaging sense of fragility.

The chorus of the song, in contrast, propels the energy forward, introducing a heightened tempo. Guided by the dynamic and punchy drumming of Harry Surnam, the lyrics transition from their earlier contemplative stance to a more resolute declaration: “You fooled me once, come and fool me for a second time.” This shift injects a captivating and infectious quality into the composition. It’s dynamic, engaging, and continually catchy. 

Undoubtedly, the vocal harmonies and the utilization of the Fender Rhodes piano stand out as the crowning achievements of this track. Both elements pay homage to the iconic Laurel Canyon sound of the 1960s and 1970s. The recurring motif played on the Rhodes piano, famously utilised by iconic musicians such as Billy Preston and Ray Manzerek of The Doors, evokes a melancholic sentiment that deeply resonates with the listener. It is an earworm that tugs at the heartstrings each time you hear it and, overall, a triumph. 

The harmonies in the song also harken back to the spirit of the 1960s, with a real touch of the Mccartney/Harrisons about them. These harmonies maintain a wistful undertone even during the more energetic chorus sections. Combining the Rhodes piano and the harmonies adds a distinct charm and identity to the overall sound, effectively setting this record apart within the wider indie genre.

“Digsby’s ‘One of a Kind’ captures the internal conflict of losing love with a captivating fusion of 60s nostalgia and indie energy.”

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Words by Jenna Rodway