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Chords of Indigo Wants To ‘Be Better’

Chords of Indigo Be Better on Right Chord Music

Returning with a wistful track titled ‘Be Better,’ Chords of Indigo invites us to embark on a musical contemplation of our aspirations for self-improvement. But amid the melodies, a question lingers: How adept are we at truly achieving that desire?

Chords of Indigo – Be Better

Emerging from the heart of Manchester, indie-rock artist Chords of Indigo comes back with his third single, the captivating ‘Be Better.’ This song beautifully blends indie folk with a touch of rock, creating a smooth and melodious tribute to the desire for change during uncertain times. Lee Hornsby, who goes by his artist name Chords of Indigo, started off 2023 with a bang, releasing his first impressive tracks, ‘Hits Right’ and ‘Moore Lane Park.’ After the success of these initial songs, his creative drive continues undiminished as he keeps sharing his deep passion for music and songwriting.

In ‘Be Better’, Chords of Indigo takes us on a melodious journey into the world of indie folk, adding lively and twangy electric guitar melodies along with engaging rhythms. These vibrant elements blend seamlessly with a strong and down-to-earth acoustic base, complemented by spirited drum arrangements.

The song starts with a bright electric guitar lead that immediately grabs your attention, guiding you into the music’s embrace. As the song unfolds, beautiful chord progressions come to the forefront, thoughtfully paired by Chords of Indigo’s subtle and raspy vocals with contemplations about self-deception and the little lies we tell ourselves to make things seem better. His reflections transform into a lyrical story of yearning for change, entwined with thoughts of its intricate nature.

‘Be Better’ is a true auditory treasure, embodying Chords of Indigo’s musical skill – a blend of emotions and brilliant sound. This song invites us to explore the realms of desire and self-discovery through its enticing melodies.

“Chords of Indigo weaves indie-folk, rock, and relatability, into a playlist essential.”

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Words Abby Teodosio